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31 Social Media Marketing Posts Written With Event Pros In Mind


#EIRI began learning about social media marketing two and half years ago when the recession forced me to begin looking for ways to connect with new clients for my audio visual company, Icon Presentations. 

Based on what I learned, I created and begain implementing a strategy called #EIR; Engage, Inform & Retweet, which has led to a massive leap in search engine ranking for my website, new business and many more opportunities for me on a personal level. 

Below is a list of blog posts on the subject of social media marketing. I wrote all of them with my community, event professionals, in mind. It's my hope that this list gives you a place to look when seeking guidance on using social media to market your own event or event business.


A Beginner's Guide to Tweeting: Engage


5 Tips for Your Facebook Page


EIR - Engage, Inform, Retweet - 3 Simple Steps to Success on Twitter


Sharpen Your Listening Skills for Succes in Social Media Marketing


How to Make a Name for Yourself: Liz King on the Value of Branding


EIR - RETWEET! The Battle Cry of Social Media Marketing


EIR - Actions Speak Louder than Twitter Backgrounds


EIR - How to Find Click-Worthy Links to Tweet Quickly and Easily


Social Media Marketers, Are You Talking TO Your Fans or WITH Them?


Social Media Timesavers - RSS Feeds & Other Little Helpers


EIR - 12 Tips to Balance Your Twitter Yin & Yang


8 Can't Live Without Tools for Event Social Media Managment


EIR - A Thank You Still Goes a Long Way on Twitter


EIR - 14 Kick-Ass Tips for Getting Your Tweets Retweeted


EIR - 5 Tips for Using Twitter Lists to Find Niche Followers


EIR - 21 Tips for Using Social Media to Build Your Brand


14 Ways Speakers Can Use Social Media to Connect With Their Audience


4 Ways to Use Social Media to Engage Newbies at Conferences & Events


10 Tips for Getting People to Share Your Content


5 Ways to Alienate People on Twitter


Some Basic Tools and Strategies for Managing Your Twitter Activity


Are You Polluting Your Social Media Stream?


8 Intermediate Tips for Choosing People to Follow on Twitter


8 Beginner Tips for Choosing Who to Follow on Twitter


9 Tips for Choosing a Social Media Avatar


The Importance of the Human Element in Social Media Marketing


10 Ways to Kill Your Event or Business Blog


Top 11 Reasons You Need a Blog for Your Event or Business


Listening: The First Step in Marketing Your Event


Engage, Inform and Retweet for Marketing Success on Twitter


How Twitter Increased my Business and Opened Doors I Didn't Know Existed

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Cor, Jenise--We're so happy to know that you've vetted all of these for us! One of the things we've noticed, though, is the fact that there are already a whole new slew of social media tools out there--we'll have to come up with lists upon lists of posts to familiarize everyone with them all...Thanks again!
Posted @ Tuesday, January 24, 2012 2:21 PM by Yi Shun at The Hub
Yes thank you, great that you could share with us. Social media marketing is great to promote your business. I just find it so time consuming and my time is precious. So I found a company called Magicbuz that have teams of conversationalists to talk to millions of people all over the internet on my behalf, the results have been awesome.
Posted @ Tuesday, January 31, 2012 4:18 PM by Penny Clews
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